Monday, September 1, 2008


We decided to redo Ryann's room so that it would be ready for us to sell our house. I have been watching a lot of the home improvement shows on tv so I had a lovely vision in my head of what the room would end up looking like in the end. Ry picked out a new comforter set and we went to home depot to get the paint.She picked a color and we bought a small can to paint one wall to see how it would look.I was unsure if the color would be to dark but it looked really cute. One problem was it didn't totally match the comforter so I tried to match it up with the comforter a little more. I tried to stay with in the same hue(John said that is that right word) This time I just got a big can because I thought that it was not that different. My first clue that maybe this was not going to work the was way it looked in my head is when the homey depot guy gave me the paint he said have fun with your fluorescent green paint. Ok in my defense this was not what the color looked like in the store.And yes we painted the whole room because I was hoping that it would lighten when it dried, yea no such luck. I would of kept it if we were staying but we are not so I had to repaint. I will post pictures when we are done.

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