Friday, September 5, 2008

Silly Christopher

I just felt like blogging about Trey today. That kid just makes me laugh. The first picture is of Trey's fortune out of a fortune cookie. As you can see he ate part of it before he realized that it was in there. He was pretty disgusted that someone put paper in his cookie.

The second picture is of Trey in a time out. This is his official time out spot because he can't get down. Hey, whatever works.

The last two pictures are just of Trey helping to make banana bread. He was so happy to be able to help but it made him really sad that it took 45min to cook. He kept checking the oven every few min. to see if it was done. He squealed with delight when the timer went off.( doesn't everyone cook topless or is that just in our house?)

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Kim said...

Just about any picture I see of Christopher makes me smile. He is such a sweet little guy.