Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The poor bug!

Brandon was not home when the storm hit but his precious bug was.We sent these pics to him and informed him that his bug had been hit by the neighbors falling tree and a window was broken.Little did he know that John was putting the limb on his bug and not taking it off.The joke went better then I thought and the boy was trippin out.He kept calling every five min. to ask another question. At one point I told John that we may need to throw a limb through the window just so that he would not be tick at us for messing with him. When he got home he said that he analysed the pictures we sent and knew that we were messing with him. Sure you did son, was that after you called the national guard to protect your car from vandals.


Kim said...

That's pretty good! Poor Brandon, always getting picked on.

thepyles7 said...

As much as he picks on the other kids I think that he has it coming to him.He was a good sport about it.

Hansen Family said...

What a dirty trick!!! Tammy I cannot believe how grown up your kids are! You have added some too!! It was good to hear from you! I will look in now and again! Don't you just love this blog thing!!!

Heather Hansen