Monday, September 22, 2008

If I wasn 't laughing so hard I think that I would cry.

For a week i am going to keep track of this crazy boy we call Trey. That way if i ever loss my mind and decided to go for number six I will remember what two and a half year old's are like and hopefully change my mind. Now that we are going through it with Christopher I remember the other children at two and a half. The problem is that they are they are just so darn cute when they are being so darn bad. I know a few other out there who have one of these very same little beings in there home right now. Before I had children i never thought that I would have to tell someone so many times a day to get off their little sisters head.Poor baby Brie.In the picture above are rubber ducks floating in the dogs water dish.He is missing his clothes because he already had to have a bath. One of the other kids left the peanut butter jar on the table and Christopher decided to stick his arm in it up to his elbow.He then proceded to lick the peanut butter off his arm. After he had a chocolate chip cookie he had chocolate all over his face and hands. I told him to hold on while I went and got something to wash him up.The next thing I knew he came out of the kitchen clean. He was very happy about his accomplishment. I was impressed too until I found out that he had cleaned off all the chocolate on his face and hands in the dogs water,gross! Surgery update below

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