Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brandon is running cross country this year for Coffman high school.

He is such a cutie.! These were taken Saturday at Westerville North High school.

Thank you to Joe for the great pics of the boy.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I was inspired by a family that I learned about from a friends blog. Here is a post that I copied from her sisters blog.

For those just tuning-in: My sister Stephanie (Nie Nie) and her husband Christian were in a plane crash on Saturday evening. From what we can tell, the plane crashed shortly after take-off in Eastern Arizona. The flight plan was to refuel, side-skirt a storm and head home. There were three people on board, Stephanie, Christian and his flight instructor. The flight instructor's condition was most severe following the crash. We've been praying for him to pull through, but but got word that he passed away last evening. Now our thoughts and prayers turn towards his family.Thanks to so many of you who are willing to join together with prayers and fasting. I like to imagine the day when Stephanie and Christian can read your kind words and know of the vast support that was collected in their honor.My sister Lucy and I are headed to Arizona today. I will keep updating as much as I can, although by all regards it looks to be a long, critical process.Thank you so much again, we are all aware of your goodness.,5143,700252087,00.html
From my understanding Christian has burns on 30% of his body and Stephanie has burns on 80% of her body. They are in for many months of recovery. This loving couple have four beautiful children which family have stepped into take care of. They are currently raising money for the care of this family and I really wanted to help in some way. So the second thing that I wanted to do was put a link on my blog, the first thing was to pray.My heart goes out to this family as they go through this tragedy and may we all remember to hold our families a little closer!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trey Blessing

On Sunday John gave the children a Father's blessing for back to school. Christopher got to have one this year too for preschool. It must have made an impression because tonight He went around giving everyone a blessing. I got one first I felt these little hands on my head and he started mumbling things. It was such a cute sweet little thing.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school

Brandon and his slug bug on the first day of school. Brandon is a senior in high school this year.This picture was taken after he ran three miles for cross country after school.
Today was the first day of school for my kids. Ryann is in the 6th grade and started Middle school.

Alex is starting the second grade in Mrs Downes class. He is in multiage so he had the same teacher as last year.

The babies and I went to help in Alex's classroom checking in school supplies. They were really good, we were there for 3hrs.They really are so cute together. I am glad that they have each other.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christopher update

If there is one thing I have learned is that it is not a good thing when the doctor calls right away after a test. And guess who got a call first thing this morning? Christopher's kidneys are getting worse so surgery number seven will happen sooner rather then later. He is now going to bypass Christopher's bladder by pulling one end of the ureters from his kidneys out to his side. We just have to protect his kidneys from any more damage. Later they can re-attach it to his bladder after they fix it.Poor little guy. Hopefully this will stop all of his UTI's and maybe he will grow (I can hope). It should happen fairly soon. I will post another update when I have a surgery date.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

test day!

Christopher had his test performed today. He had to have an ultrasound first, which he seemed to enjoy. I think he thought that he was getting a massage. The next test he did not care for as much. They filled his bladder as full as they could and took pictures as his bladder emptied. He was not a happy little guy.The urologists should call us soon to let us know what he thinks we should do next.Until then we just pray for the best. My mother in law went with us and helped with Brie.On our way out Alex was discussing his favorite part of Children's and asked me what my favorite was, I told him the exit!


Next week Ryann will begin her first week of middle school.We got to go try out her locker and pick up her schedule.I remember doing this with Brandon and he is now a senior in high school!I know that it won't take long until I am here with Brie.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Brandon has been a great help this summer. He has been helping us get our home ready to sell next year. He has been working on painting the trim, staining the deck,hanging wall paper,and cutting the grass. He is such a good kid and I am so greatful for him.(notice in the first picture Alex is hanging out the window.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

John's brother Eric and his family came to visit for a week from AZ.

The kids had a lot of fun together. Ryann and Brandon got to go to the new water park by the zoo with them. Ryann and Alex got to the Indian caverns with them. The Family got together for pizza and swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Ryan's.

After we were done with youngs we decided to go visit our Grandma and then go show our kids one of the places we use to live.

We went to our old elementery and the kids played on the playground. The sad thing is some of the same play equipment was still there.

My Grandma is recovering from a broken hip.So we stopped by to say hi . We love you Grandma.

After our snack we went to see the animals and then we went to the batting cages.

My sister and I spent the day together with some of our children last weekend.

We first went to Youngs Dairy in Yellow springs, Ohio.We had to eat their yummy homemade ice cream First. My sister Tracey shared some with Brie.I think she may have just earned the favorite Aunt award.