Friday, October 31, 2008

The end of day 5

It is the end of a very long day five. I just put my son to bed with visions of chicken broth dancing in his head. He finally got his NG tube out and after a long day, of a very hungry little boy begging for food, it looks he will get to start clear liquids tomorrow.It will be a feast of broth, jello,and apple juice. Since he has not eaten since Monday I am sure that he will devour it as if it were his favorite.

Surgery Update - Day 5

Christopher is still improving after his surgery. His main focus is still on eating. Today they had to pull his NG tube up 14cm. We are hoping they will pull the tube out by the end of the day. Later Trey will get to go trick-or-treating in the hospital lobby. It will be a non-candy trick-or-treating, which is good since he cannot eat anything yet. That'd just be torture otherwise. We have found that the best time for the kids to be in the hospital is during a holiday. They always seem to score some sweet goods during that time. We have been trying to get him out of bed more often in hopes of getting his stomach and intestines to wake up. It makes it kinda hard to get him up after they drug him, although it might make it a little more amusing on our end.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bad news, Good news

I will give you the bad first. Christopher ended up in the ICU because he was in so much pain he was forgetting to breath.It was a pretty scary time for all. The good news is that after they got him to stabilize and I could stop trembling the dread that had hung over me for over a week now seems to have lifted. Our Father in Heaven knows us the way I want to know my children and he knows that with me you always give me the bad news first. I truly feel that all though it will take time our little Trey will pull through this as well. He just got to go back to his normal room and is happy about that.Thanks for all the prayers and please keep them coming.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We finally got word that the surgery went well.It took almost 6hrs and they are still back there sewing him up. The doctor said that it will be another hour until we can see the little guy but they were able to do everything that they wanted to do and Christopher toterated it. Now everyone please pray for a quick and painless as possible recovery. We can't wait to take our little man home.


to send e-mail cards to Christopher go to http://www.intranet/kiosk/family_resource_library/index.html
They will print them out and deliver them to his room. Room #4609
We just got an update and things are going well. Way too go Trey.

This is a picture of Christopher yesterday. He is in surgery right now and we are all praying that things will go well.He went in an hour and a half ago and it may take up to four and a half more hours. IT WILL BE A VERY LONG DAY! I am sure that it will be kind of short for Trey since he is sleeping through most of it, thank goodness. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and I will update as soon as I can.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The little Pyles

It is the day before we have to report to the hospital. As usual I am feeling very sentimental as I try to prepare myself and family to help Christopher go through surgery number seven. I try my best not to think too much about the what ifs because if I do I may not get through the right now's. I have done my best to cram in as much fall fun the past few weeks to hopefully help to make up a little for what everyone will endure for the next few weeks. For the past few weeks I have the same pray that I plead to our Father in Heaven continuously day and night. I am grateful to him that the dread has not been able to over take my every breath.I am so grateful for my tiny little Trey. Children are amazing.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Also on Saturday we went to our church Halloween party. It was a lot of fun! Hay rides,candy,and great people, who could ask for more?I love the pictures of Brandon with the little kids.He loves them and is always playing with them.It makes my heart warm.

Train ride

Thanks to a great website I found we have had the opportunity to go to the wilds and a train ride for half off normal price.On Saturday we took the kids on a train ride through Hocking county. Christopher loves trains and I was hoping to do this for his third birthday but with surgery fast approaching we decided to do it last weekend. The train ride was and hour and a half long with a stop in an 1800 village. The last time that I went on a train ride like this Brandon was three.(Brandon had cross country so he did not get to go with us.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I just have to say that the fall colors were beautiful and so are my lovely daughters.

The Wilds

This past weekend we took our four youngest children to the Wilds for Alex's birthday.The wilds is lke an African safari in Ohio. It was a beautiful fall weekend.We had a really good time.

Show me that smile.

After two years Brandon got his braces off a few weeks ago.Even though the pictures are a little scary he looks really good. Hopefully he appreciates those straight teeth they did not come cheap.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football Friday Night

Last night we went to Brandon's school to watch the football game. We lost 10 to 14 to Hillard but we still had a good time.

Baby Brie

Brie got her first tooth while we were camping and she is also crawling on her hands and knees now instead of just rolling or using the army crawl.She can even pull her self up, which is hard for a chubby girl.

Friday, October 10, 2008

John's new love

John got a new car.( His old car finally gave out after 11 years.) He is in total love with this thing! I think that I probably should be a little jealous. We drove all the way to Cincinnati to get the exact car that he wanted but it was worth it especially when you only get a new car every 11 years.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I can't wait until I'm 8!

Happy 8th birthday Alex!