Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wii Olympics

For Family home evening this past Monday we had our first wii Olympics. Brandon was was not here because he was off building robots to take over the world.(Robotics club as he calls it). It was a lot of fun and even Christopher joined in. We competed in Slalom, the ski jump, running and Soccer. The competition was tough John and Ryann got very competitive on soccer, But everyone took time out to laugh at me attempting to play soccer. John's high score was 550 and Ryann's was very close to that, my high score on the other hand was 55:(


Mari said...

A Wii medal for all! Soooo fun. Love Christopher's head stand, too!

Jason and Courtney said...

Tammy you are getting so THIN! And I feel like a beached whale...oh well, only a few weeks to go. We women only get to enjoy the beached whale stage of pregnancy a few times in life, right? May as well appreciate it while I have it. You look terrific.