Monday, January 12, 2009

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Christopher went to Sunbeams for the first time this past Sunday. The teacher told the kids to sit with their feet on the floor so he sat on the very edge of his seat trying to put his feet on the floor. He did pretty well for his first day but made me go with him to class. At least I got some picture's of him.


Mari said...

Oh, Jesus indeed wants Christopher for a Sunbeam! He is soooo cute!

Jason and Courtney said...

I can't believe Christopher is in Sunbeams now!!! And who came up with Brandon's band name anyway?!?!? Well, it's creative...I'll give 'em that much. It's got a ring to it, don't you think? Ryann is such a pretty girl and is looking so grown up.