Friday, October 31, 2008

Surgery Update - Day 5

Christopher is still improving after his surgery. His main focus is still on eating. Today they had to pull his NG tube up 14cm. We are hoping they will pull the tube out by the end of the day. Later Trey will get to go trick-or-treating in the hospital lobby. It will be a non-candy trick-or-treating, which is good since he cannot eat anything yet. That'd just be torture otherwise. We have found that the best time for the kids to be in the hospital is during a holiday. They always seem to score some sweet goods during that time. We have been trying to get him out of bed more often in hopes of getting his stomach and intestines to wake up. It makes it kinda hard to get him up after they drug him, although it might make it a little more amusing on our end.

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Mari said...

Look at that smile on Christopher! Tammy, you look so at peace cuddling him. Happy Halloween and trick-or-treating!