Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bad news, Good news

I will give you the bad first. Christopher ended up in the ICU because he was in so much pain he was forgetting to breath.It was a pretty scary time for all. The good news is that after they got him to stabilize and I could stop trembling the dread that had hung over me for over a week now seems to have lifted. Our Father in Heaven knows us the way I want to know my children and he knows that with me you always give me the bad news first. I truly feel that all though it will take time our little Trey will pull through this as well. He just got to go back to his normal room and is happy about that.Thanks for all the prayers and please keep them coming.


Mari said...

Oh Tammy, I am so sorry Christopher had to suffer all that pain. We are all so relieved for his little body, and for all of you, that he is out of ICU. Maybe this is the night you all can crash and get some good ZZzz's. Hope so!

sorensens said...

So scary! I hope that is the last of the scary times and that the rest of his recovery goes well.