Thursday, September 30, 2010

hanging at the beach with Purple

John's Mom came to visit at the end of August for a week. We always have fun together and like to go explore NM when she is here. Brie and Christopher get to go with us since they are not in school full time yet. We went to a little beach not too far from our home.

At first the Brie and Christopher were just throwing rocks in the lake.

But before too long they were soaking wet and loving it!

We had to dry their clothes in the sun.

They had so much fun running around on the beach. They looked like they were on Survivor. Christoper did not have dry clothes with us so he ran around in his pull up. And I will have to say that he reminded me of an albino pigmy. They were running around gathering different things on the beach to make a shelter.

We look forward to the Purples return at the end of next month.

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