Monday, April 19, 2010

Christopher's 1 yr anniversary

John and I where talking the other day about the fact that it would soon be a year since Christopher has had any surgeries or been hospitalized. This a a huge milestone for a little boy who has had 9 surgeries in his first three and a half years and had to stay at the hospital a lot during that time. And then this happened..........

We were playing when Christopher's Head hit the fire pit and he had to go have it glued shut. He cried when it first happened and then was fine. I will say that it was really nice to just be dealing with normal bumps and bruises that that happen to most children at one point or another. And with Christopher I am surprised that we have not had to make more trips to the ER for these reasons. He is a little wild man and I am so grateful to be the wild mans mother and hopefully we will have another year of health.

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Mari said...

May the "Wild Man's" boo boos be few in number!