Monday, October 5, 2009

And how did that get there?

It is never a good thing when the Doctor say " Well now that doesn't look right!

We took Alex to the doctor because he had been sick and was not getting better. The doctor proceeded to look in Alex's ears to make sure that there was no infection. He looked in the left ear and said that it looked fine and then he looked in the right. He gave a really weird look and said ummm... Now that does not look right. I was surprised because my kids never get ear infection. The doctor then tells us there is some thing stuck in Alex's ear but he is not sure what. after about 20 min of flushing the Dr. finally pulled out the little thing in the pic. Alex said that he has no idea how it got there. What is it with kids and foreign objects, at least in our family.


Mari said...

That made me laugh!
Maybe you will find a stash of Halloween treats tucked in an ear after trick-or-treating--new food storage.

The Letteer Family said...

Wow! Crazy!

thepyles7 said...

I think that it may have been aliens! I hear they have those here, LOL.