Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uncle Ryan visit's

John's brother Ryan came to town to visit. The kids loved spending time with him. I did not realize how much they missed having John around until I saw them with him. I think that Ryan reminded the kids of their Dad, even the babies were drawn to him. We wish that he could of stayed longer. And wow that is a funny face that he is making in that last pic.


jas said...

Okay, cute pics!!! Just to let you know...I'm going to post as soon as I finish leaving this message. I know, I know, you're afraid the sky will fall down with this big announcement. I've just been "too busy" to get around to posting! You know how it is. Oh wait--you managed to redecorate your whole house as a single mom of 5 and still post...anyway...:)

Mari said...

So happy for your family that your house sold and you have packers coming. Poor John, when you show up with a teeny tiny moving van he will know his fear has cleaned out his stuff. (Poor guy...can't do anything about it.) I feel his pain and your glee.