Thursday, May 21, 2009

Father's and Sons ( - the father part)

Alex loves going to the Father and sons camp out every May with Church. This year John was in New Mexico so we had to improvise. Christopher and Alex slept in the tent in our living room. They had a lot of fun and on the plus side stayed nice and dry when it stormed outside!


Letteers-R-Us said...

A nice dry campout is always best!!

Mari said...

Now that's the way to camp!
Indoor plumbing, too!

jas said...

Tammy, you're going to make fun of me, but I JUST noticed your haircut on your blog. When did you get it cut? Yes, I am observant...thanks for noticing. :) It looks really cute! Do you like it? Sounds like your boys were good sports about the Father's and Son's campout. Camping is fun no matter where it is, right?!?