Friday, November 7, 2008

Ups and Downs

We have had a roller coaster of a week. There has been a lot going on but Christopher's recover is first on my mind. I had to take him to the ER at 3 am Wed. morning. He has been having a lot of stomach problems since surgery. Because of this he is not really eating much. I can tell that he is losing weight and feel so helpless to stop it. I almost took him back to the hospital last night because he was doing so poorly. We had the Bishop help John give him a blessing (A blessing given by a Melchizedek Priesthood holder, by the laying on of hands and by inspiration, to one who is sick or otherwise in need of special counsel, comfort, or healing. If the blessing is for the sick, consecrated oil is used (James 5:14–15).After we left church he was feeling a little better and even drank a little bit of a fruit and yogurt shake,which made me very happy! He seemed to be doing a little better this morning but after drinking chocolate milk he was in pain again. I am going to take him to the doctor later this afternoon and pray that they can help without putting him back in the hospital.

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Mari said...

I am writing this Saturday morning; sure thinking of Christopher and hope he is feeling better. We are praying for the him and all of you and his docs.