Friday, August 29, 2008

I was inspired by a family that I learned about from a friends blog. Here is a post that I copied from her sisters blog.

For those just tuning-in: My sister Stephanie (Nie Nie) and her husband Christian were in a plane crash on Saturday evening. From what we can tell, the plane crashed shortly after take-off in Eastern Arizona. The flight plan was to refuel, side-skirt a storm and head home. There were three people on board, Stephanie, Christian and his flight instructor. The flight instructor's condition was most severe following the crash. We've been praying for him to pull through, but but got word that he passed away last evening. Now our thoughts and prayers turn towards his family.Thanks to so many of you who are willing to join together with prayers and fasting. I like to imagine the day when Stephanie and Christian can read your kind words and know of the vast support that was collected in their honor.My sister Lucy and I are headed to Arizona today. I will keep updating as much as I can, although by all regards it looks to be a long, critical process.Thank you so much again, we are all aware of your goodness.,5143,700252087,00.html
From my understanding Christian has burns on 30% of his body and Stephanie has burns on 80% of her body. They are in for many months of recovery. This loving couple have four beautiful children which family have stepped into take care of. They are currently raising money for the care of this family and I really wanted to help in some way. So the second thing that I wanted to do was put a link on my blog, the first thing was to pray.My heart goes out to this family as they go through this tragedy and may we all remember to hold our families a little closer!

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